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Grade 3 Fact Fluency Resources

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Online Resources

  • Xtra Math: Free timed, individualized math fact practice helps kids build essential skills they'll need to move on to more advanced math concepts. Kids get immediate feedback, and the problems are tailored to their specific needs. Parents and teachers can track student’s progress using fluency reports. Kids struggling with the underlying concepts will have to seek outside help.
  • Multiplication "Four in a Row": Students try to create fact work that will give them four products in a row. The twist is that students must play strategically in order to block the products generated by the computer.
  • Cool Math Games Facts with Timer: Website where students type in answer to facts. Students can choose fact family and then there is a 60 second timer. Students can choose from all operations.
  • Multiplication Visualizations for Facts/Area: Different ways to "see" multiplication including arrays, rods, etc.
  • Math Magician Games: Students pick an operation and a set of facts. Then, students type in answer while they are timed (60 seconds). The timer also has a visual that shows time decreasing. The results give number correct and time. Students can even get an award printed out!
  • A-Plus Math Games: A math fact website with different games to play: Concentration, Hidden Picture, Planet Blaster, & MATHO (BINGO). With MATHO, there is a timer. With Hidden Picture, you can display either the answers or the expressions. As students get the answer right, the picture is revealed. Then, it gives a percentage correct at the end.
  • A-Plus Math Flashcards: A website that includes flashcards for all types of operations and also for rounding, etc. You can also make custom flashcards. The flashcards comes in Java and non Java forms!
  • Multi Bounce: You pick the fact group to practice. Then you hover the bouncer so the ball hits it on the correct product. If correct the ball keeps bouncing, if not you try again!
  • Multiplication Fact Practice: Automatically advances facts and then gives answers either 1, 3, or 5 seconds after.
  • Play Kids Games: This site has both computation and fact practice games. Games include shooting algae blobs to save stingrays, knocking down walls, etc. With several of the games you can print sheets to track your time, accuracy, etc.
  • Math Baseball from Fun Brain
  • Power Football by Fun Brain
  • Fighter Plane Multiplication Fact Practice


Resources for Professional Learning