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Grade 4-5 Fact Fluency Resources

Instructional Resources

  • Math Fact Fluency Centers
  • Xtra Math: Free timed, individualized math fact practice helps children build essential skills they'll need to move on to more advanced math concepts. Students get immediate feedback, and the problems are tailored to their specific needs. Parents and teachers can track student’s progress using fluency reports. Children struggling with the underlying concepts will have to seek outside help.


Multiplication Games to Build Fluency

Division Games to Build Fluency



Addition and Subtraction Resources


Some students in 4th and 5th grade may still struggle with addition and subtraction fluency.  Children move through developmental stages in their growth with number sense and understanding of place value.  These developmental stages have implications for their fluency with working with numbers.  The document below, Number Sense and Place Value Development, describes these stages and contains suggestions for helping students move through each one.  Refer to resources for other grade levels to meet the needs of struggling learners.