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Fluency Strategy
Practice Common Sight words and high-frequency words

Sight word acquisition is an important foundational skill in the construction of a student's ability to read. Once the student is able to read all the words on the Dolch/Fry list, s/he has access to up to 75% of what is printed in almost any children's literature. 


The sight words are not only frequently used in writing, they are very important in conversational language. Because many of these words are already in the verbal vocabularies of our students, learning to read them is simply connecting the print word to the oral version. Remember: students do not learn new wors by being exposed to them only once. Repetition is key to sight work acquisition.


Literature based instruction is important for students to see words in context.


Sight WordsPart1

 High Frequence Sight Words

Part 1 of 5


High Frequence Sight Words

Part 2 of 5 


High Frequence Sight Words

Part 3 of 5 


High Frequency Sight Words

Part 4 of 5 


High Frequencey Sight Words

Sight Words Lesson Intro 


Three Games for Sight Words


Sight Words Teaching Strategy

Mealtime Literacy

Mealtime Literacy 

 SightWord Video

Sight Word Lesson Video (EXCELLENT!!)

 Sight Word Games

Teaching Sight Words (Activities)


Sight Words Flash Cards


Sight Word ELF

Sight Word Recognition 

Sight Word Best Practices


Teaching Sight Words in Context


Sight Word Jenga

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High Frequence Words to Music