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Expand Vocabulary
 Use prior knowledge and context to predict and confirm meaning


Working with students to build a larger vocabulary can be an exciting challenge and great investment. Acquiring a robust vocabulary will benefit students in the classroom and socially. This will enable them to understand their classmates' ideas better and allow them more ease with getting thoughts and ideas across more effectively.


There is no magic process to learning words or their meaning; however, research says it is an easier process when the words are connected to familiar words currently in the vocabulary. For most students, the learning speed (pace) should increase as the students' vocabulary grows.




Pre-Teaching Vocabulary 

CloseReading Vocab 

Close Reading - Vocabulary Focus

Explicit Instruction 

Explicit Vocabulary

Teaching Strategies


Prior knowledge.1 

Constructing Meaning with

Context Clues, Prior Knowledge

Using Context

How to use Context to

Determine the Meaning of Words 


Word Study in Action 


Connecting Prior Knowledge