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Georgia Standards of Excellence

Revised mathematics content standards for 2015-2016 were adopted by the Georgia State Board of Education and are now referred to as the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Most of the revisions in K-8 were edits for clarity, but some standards were added and others were moved among the grade levels.  Refer to the Summary of Changes for Mathematics Standards (Kindergarten - Grade 8) document for an overview of the changes and to the documents below for a more-indepth look at each grade level.  

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6GSE-6-Stds 6-PS-2015 6-GSE-Post


Poster of all

8 SMPs

7GSE-7-Stds 7-PS-2015 7-GSE-Post 

SMP Spanish

Poster set of

SMPs in Spanish

8GSE-8-Stds 8-PS-2015 8-GSE-Post 


Poster set of 

SMPs (upper grades)